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The Facebook Group Gold program is the most complete one of its kind to help you grow, engage, and monetize your Facebook group! Join Marc Mawhinney as he walks you through the exact strategies that he's used to grow his popular group, The Coaching Jungle, and hear from other superstar Facebook group owners who share theirs too!


Marc Mawhinney is a master at creating Facebook groups with great ROI because he knows how to build and maintain COMMUNITY. Marc’s group feels like a gathering place rather than a sales funnel because of how he shows up as a friendly, smart host. He connects with his group members with humour, provides amazing value, and you actually feel like he KNOWS you. He is the gold standard for creating successful Facebook groups.”

Lea Ann Mallett

I just recently started creating my own FB group and have modeled what Marc is doing with The Coaching Jungle. With his tips alone I have grown my group to a near 1,000 members. It’s been all organic and completely free of ad spends. Marc has created a system that attracts not only high numbers, but quality engaging members too.”

Donnie DeSanti

There is only one person that I turn to when it comes to anything related to Facebook Groups – Marc Mawhinney! He has played an instrumental role in helping me build my FB Group Tribe (The Happy Solopreneur Community) and I also continue to build incredibly relationships in his wildly successful Coaching Jungle group as well. Without Marc, I would not have been able to leverage the power of FB groups!

Andrey Seas


Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney is on a mission to help coaches get more clients (WITHOUT paid advertising!).  You can learn more about Marc at!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One - Setting Up Your Facebook Group

    • Module One Welcome

    • Join The Facebook Group!

    • What's Your Goal?

    • Groups vs Fan Pages

    • Can You Charge For Your Group?

    • Buy The URL!

    • Market Research

    • Naming Your Group

    • Creating Your Facebook Group

    • Group Description And Rules

    • Group Announcements

    • Don't Be Afraid To Sell!

    • Theme Days

    • Sample FB Group Theme Days

    • Creating Initial Content

    • Insider's Guide to Facebook Group Domination

    • Module One Worksheet

  • 2

    Module Two - Growing The Group

    • Module Two Welcome

    • Getting The Word Out

    • Facebook Live and Big Fish Strategy

    • Admission Criteria

    • New Member Requests Walkthrough

    • Group Admins

    • Watchdogs

    • Post Approvals

    • Moderation Alerts

    • Growing Your FB Group With Udemy Programs (Interview with Scott Paton – Audio)

    • Growing Your FB Group With Udemy Programs (Interview with Scott Paton – Video)

    • Interview with Deborah Ager (Audio)

    • Interview with Deborah Ager (Video)

    • Module Two Worksheet

  • 3

    Module Three - Getting Engagement

    • Module Three Welcome

    • Group Insights

    • You Have To Be Active!

    • How To Become A Content Creation Machine! (Infographic)

    • Ask Questions

    • "Ask Me Anything" Sample

    • Tagging Members

    • New Members Welcome Posts

    • Giveaways

    • Lurkers

    • Interview with Jonny Cooper (Audio)

    • Interview with Jonny Cooper (Video)

    • Interview with Rob Garcia (Audio)

    • Interview with Rob Garcia (Video)

    • Module Three Worksheet

  • 4

    Module Four - Monetizing Your Group

    • Module Four Welcome

    • Promotional Campaigns

    • Office Hours

    • Challenges

    • Joint Ventures

    • Interview with Ryan Stewman (Audio)

    • Interview with Vanessa Talbot (Audio)

    • Interview with Vanessa Talbot (Video)

    • Interview with Andrew Kroeze (Audio)

    • Interview with Andrew Kroeze (Video)

    • $40,000/Month from a 830 Member FB Group! (Interview with Kevin Kwan and Isobel Burns – Audio)

    • $40,000/Month from a 830 Member FB Group! (Interview with Kevin Kwan and Isobel Burns – Video)

    • Playbook Resource From Kevin Kwan and Isobel Burns!

    • Monetizing a Small Facebook Group (Interview with Eric Bailey – Audio)

    • Monetizing a Small Facebook Group (Interview with Eric Bailey – Video)

    • Interview with Paul Gordon - Audio

    • Interview with Paul Gordon - Video

    • Final Thoughts

    • Module Four Worksheet

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