Course Description

Ready to turn your email list into a money machine? Learn the exact daily email system that Marc Mawhinney has used to turn a dead email list into his top revenue generator! 

This easy-to-learn system will have you profiting from your emails, regardless of how big your list is (even if you don't have one yet).

You could be getting new clients and customers within days of putting this system into action ...  


Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney is on a mission to help coaches get more clients (WITHOUT paid advertising!).  You can learn more about Marc at!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One - Building Your Email Foundation

    • Module One Welcome

    • Common Daily Email Objections

    • Why Daily Emails?

    • Daily Means Daily

    • What Time Of Day Should You Email?

    • Which Email Platform Should You Use?

    • The Look Of Your Emails

    • How Long Should Your Emails Be?

    • Open Rates

    • List Of Popular Email Subject Lines

    • A Big No-No

    • Getting Opt-Ins With Lead Magnets

    • Your Autoresponder

    • Sample Auto-Responder

    • Reengaging A Cold List

    • Interview with Lin Eleoff (re: GDPR)

    • GDPR Compliance Checklist

    • Lin Eleoff Legal Form Promo Codes

  • 2

    Module Two - Writing Your Emails

    • Module Two Welcome

    • Getting Content Ideas

    • How To Become A Content Creation Machine

    • Your Content Calendar

    • No Hard Teaching!

    • Write To One Person

    • Writing In Your Own Voice

    • Batching

    • Writing Hacks

    • An Accountability Trick

    • What About Typos?

    • The Importance Of Subject Lines

    • Controversial Emails

    • Holiday Emails

    • Sample Controversial/Holiday Emails

    • Recycling Emails

    • Interview with Frankie Fihn

  • 3

    Module Three - Monetizing Your Emails

    • Module Three Welcome

    • You Have To Sell To Help

    • The Booty Call Analogy

    • What To Sell

    • Don't Be Needy

    • Types Of Buyers

    • Avoiding List Burnout

    • Repackaging Your Emails

    • Creating Urgency With Deadlines

    • Bribing Your Subscribers

    • Joint Ventures

    • Growing Your Facebook Group With Emails

    • Email Sales Campaign Schedule (With Examples)

    • Interview With Tom Matzen

    • Tom Matzen's Masterclass

    • Interview with Michael Zipursky

    • Interview with Jason Kanigan

    • Interview with Tom Poland

  • 4

    Module Four - Growing Your Email List

    • Module Four Welcome

    • Paid vs. Organic List Growth

    • Live Trainings

    • Summits

    • Refreshing Your Lead Magnets

    • Using Facebook Groups To Grow Your List

    • Should You Purge Your List?

    • Interview with Ric Thompson

    • Interview with Scot McKay

    • Interview with Jay Fiset

    • Interview with Adam Franklin

    • Interview with Bishal Sarkar

    • Interview with Steve Olsher

    • Interview with Rob Kosberg

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.