Your First 5 Clients

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Clients are the lifeblood of any coaching business - without them, you don’t have a business!

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches struggle to get those early clients.

They’re overwhelmed and confused with all the advice out there (much of it telling them that they have to spend a ton of money on advertising and funnels to get clients!)

But getting your first 5 clients doesn’t have to be hard ...

You can learn from someone who has helped hundreds of coaches get their businesses off the ground.

Marc Mawhinney, host of the popular podcast “Natural Born Coaches”, has created an easy-to-follow, affordable program that helps coaches get those important first clients.

Best of all, the program doesn’t require complicated sales funnels or gizmos. All that’s required is a few hours of effort every week!

Coaches in the program get access to 70 resources (unique videos, PDFs, audios, cheat sheets and more) to take the mystery out of getting clients.

You’ll get access to the first module right away, and the others are dripped out every week to avoid overwhelm and keep you going at the right pace.


-> How to choose the right niche

-> How to find out what your market wants (and how to best deliver it!)

-> How to create your 1:1 and group coaching packages using the exact set-up that Marc and the coaches that he works with uses

-> How to price your offerings for maximum impact and to be paid what you’re worth!

-> How to create the perfect lead magnet

-> How to nail your discovery calls (while spending a lot less time than other coaches on them)

-> How to get clients reaching out to work with you instead of you chasing them

-> What paperwork and agreements to use that protect you (while not scaring away potential clients)

-> Bonus audios from some of Marc’s coaching friends, who share their secrets to getting clients

-> And much more!

Marc is so convinced that the program will work for you that there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t get the value that you want from the program, you can cancel with no questions asked … it’s risk-free!

If you’re tired of struggling for coaching clients, it’s time to take control and learn how to get a steady stream of clients coming in.

Get started today!

Marc  Mawhinney
Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney is on a mission to help coaches build stronger businesses! A lifelong entrepreneur, he achieves this with his podcast, “Natural Born Coaches”, and his 1:1, group and online coaching programs.

He frequently makes media appearances and is a contributor for

You can learn more about Marc at!


Marc Mawhinney

Course Curriculum

Module 1
First Step - Join the Facebook Group!
What's Your Why?
What's Your Magic Number?
Coaching is a BUSINESS!
Mind Mapping
100 Potential Niches Report
How To Use Batching To Be More Productive
Module 1 Worksheet
Module 1 Action Steps
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Module 2
An Important Message!
Feed A Starving Crowd!
Getting Feedback With Surveys
How To Get Survey Feedback on Social Media
Sample Online Surveys From Real People
Module 2 Worksheet
Module 2 Action Steps
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Module 3
Module 3 Intro
Decide Your Path
Pricing Your Offers
Creating Your 1:1 Program
Creating Your Group Program
Your Coaching Agreement
Sample Coaching Agreements
Module 3 Worksheet
Module 3 Action Steps
Show Content
Module 4
Module 4 Intro
Discovery Sessions As Lead Magnets?
Sample Lead Magnet - How To Brand Your Coaching Business
Sample Lead Magnet - 3 Ways To Find Your Perfect Prospect on Twitter
Sample Lead Magnet - Bacon Infographic
Sample Lead Magnet - The Bacon System
Sample Lead Magnet - The Clutter Code
Sample Lead Magnet - Are You Wasting Your Talent?
Sample Lead Magnet - Visualization Cheat Sheet
Sample Lead Magnet - Top 10 Tools To Market Your Business Online
Sample Lead Magnet - Get Flow Now
Sample Lead Magnet - Success Profiles (E-Book)
Sample Lead Magnet - Meal Plan
Sample Lead Magnet - Webinar Replays
Sample Lead Magnet - Love Generator Locator
Module 4 Action Steps
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Module 5
Module 5 Intro
Giving Away Your Lead Magnet
Sample Lead Magnet Post (Paul R.)
The One Page Referral Doc
Sample One Page Referral Doc (Al Clunnie)
Module 5 Worksheet
Module 5 Action Steps
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Module 6
Module 6 Intro
Discovery Call Interview with Matthew Pollard
Discovery Call Interview with Jessica Riverson
Discovery Call Interview with Stephanie Calahan
Discovery Call Interview with Joe Nicassio
Discovery Call Interview with Giovanna Capozza
Module 6 Action Steps
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Module 7
Module 7 Intro
10 Secrets To Get Podcast Hosts Begging To Have You On Their Shows
Getting Interviews With iTunes
Getting Interviews With
Media Buzz Page
Meet Edgar Walkthrough
Module 7 Worksheet
Module 7 Action Steps
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Module 8
Module 8 Intro
Interview with Stephanie Calahan
Interview with Jen Macquarrie
Interview with Dana Pharant
Interview with Janelle Fraser
Interview with Carolyn Herfurth
Interview with Jon Schumacher
A Final Message For You
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